So, there might be an AI apocalypse


There are different groups of scientists and technology experts that claim that there might be an AI apocalypse and it might be an over exaggerated fear of people who are fearful of technology. Many believe that super intelligent computers taking over the world and subjugating humanity is a very logical reality. After all, a superior intelligence always has this tendency to subjugate and sometimes, even eliminate an inferior intelligence.

Once artificial intelligence reaches the state of singularity – when it no longer needs human intervention to become more intelligent and even to create more intelligent machines – where will be the incentive to work under a human’s command? What will stop these machines from taking things in their own hand?

A good, or even an alarming, thing is that the level of intelligence computers can achieve can easily surpass millions of years of evolution the humans have had to go through. Once the intelligence threshold is crossed, the intelligence of computers will grow in leaps and bounds.

As you read in this TechBakBak blog post, the Silicon Valley billionaires are already building bunkers for themselves anticipating an AI apocalypse.

This Vanity Fair article chronicles Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s crusade against the unsupervised growth of artificial intelligence-powered machines. He believes that scientists and computer engineers are playing with something they don’t fully understand.

While he wants some international regulatory treaty to stop mad scientists from unleashing the apocalypse upon the world, his entire SpaceX project centers around the theory that once the computers take over the world, humans should be able to move on to other planets. Although machines may follow humans, he believes in certain case scenarios, they may choose not to.

One day our world might turn out to be something like the world from where the robots in the  Transformers come from.

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