Microsoft might be building a Windows 10 Cloud OS


Just like Chrome OS that comes with Chromebooks, this link reports that Microsoft might be building its own Windows 10 Cloud OS to complete with Chrome OS. As you may already know, Chrome OS is an operating system that is mostly based on doing stuff on the cloud. No apps are installed locally and you don’t have the conventional hard disk. Everything is in the cloud and you work in a Google Chrome browser-type environment.

Will the Windows 10 Cloud operating system operate wholly from the cloud?

It remains to be seen. Windows 10 is conventionally a PC-based operating system. Aside from providing online Office365 and OneDrive cloud storage, on a mass level (although Microsoft has its own Azure platform for building cloud-based services) Microsoft isn’t much known for building cloud-based apps.

The latest cloud-based operating system from Microsoft may be called “Windows Cloud”. Currently it is available for review to Windows insiders members.

The above-linked ZDNet article says that Windows Cloud might be a cloud-based operating system just by name but otherwise, it might be just another flavor of Windows 10 but with an ability to run apps only installed from Windows Store. So it might be a very light version of the existing Windows 10. The above link says that Microsoft is using the moniker “Windows Cloud” simply because it is in vogue these days otherwise it is not going to function the way Chrome OS works.

Anyway, it remains to be seen. Maybe it will be a cloud-based operating system after all on the lines of Chrome OS. Lighter operating systems are in demand. They are less resource hungry and cheaper computers and laptops can be sold carrying a cloud-based operating system.

Microsoft is already encouraging Windows 10 users to install apps from Windows Store instead of using standalone applications. Cheaper, lighter and scalable apps and operating systems are the future and Microsoft wouldn’t like to be left behind the way it was with the Internet and the smartphones.

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