Microsoft is launching its own SIM cards for its Windows 10 smartphones and tablets

Microsoft launches its own Sim card
Microsoft launches its own Sim card

During the times when Facebook wants you to make phone calls without phone numbers, Microsoft is planning to launch its own SIM cards for its new line of Windows 10 smartphones and tablet PCs. This is in no way to discourage Facebook from ushering in an era of making phone calls without phone numbers because these SIM cards most probably will not carry a phone number. The Microsoft SIM cards will be used to allow its customers to connect to mobile networks without needing a contract with a carrier.

According to this NextWeb update although Microsoft hasn’t publicly announced the availability of the Microsoft SIM card, it is offering a cellular data app in its App Store that allows users to connect to a nationwide high-speed mobile data network using the SIM card. When you go to the link to check out the app it prompts you to upgrade to Windows 10.

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