Microsoft introduces Gmail-like tabs in Windows 10 mail app to organize emails

tabbed interface added to the Windows 10 email app
tabbed interface added to the Windows 10 email app

If you use Gmail you must be quite familiar with the tabs that Gmail gives you (you can create additional tabs) tabs like “Primary”, “Updates”, “Social” and “Promotional” to organize your emails better. It uses its own intelligence to initially direct your incoming emails to different apps but you can also drag and drop your emails to different tabs and from then onwards, all those emails automatically go to that particular tab.

Microsoft has introduced the same sort of Gmail-like tabbed interface to its email app in Windows 10. You will be able to organize your incoming email messages under different tabs so that the inbox doesn’t get crowded. Microsoft has named this feature as Focused Inbox. The Windows 10 Focused Inbox feature separates your inbox into two sections. There is a Focused section that stores all your important email and then there is the Other section that stores unimportant or promotional emails such as newsletter updates.

Just like Twitter, you can add someone to your email thread by simply typing “@” – the moment you type this a list of contacts existing in your frequent contacts as well as your directory pops up and you can add the name of the person to your email. The person of that email will be notified. This seems to be a good feature.

add people to your email thread Mail-and-Calendar-updates3

Microsoft has also introduced some new changes in the Windows 10 calendar app. You can read about all these latest changes on this Windows blog update.

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