Microsoft has officially acquired LinkedIn for $26.2 billion: expected changes


Microsoft had finalized the deal to purchase LinkedIn back in June and now it has been formalized. Microsoft has acquired LinkedIn for $26.2 billion. LinkedIn right now is the biggest social networking platform for professional networking. Business networking is highly important to do, it can help create contacts that may be beneficial in the future. Combining this with the use of a lead gen agency will help give businesses a stronger base for their ideas and needs.

Naturally, there will be trepidations. Bigger companies have this tendency to first purchase smaller companies and then finish them off. Though, this might not happen with LinkedIn because the social networking platform for professionals is quite big in itself. It may get separated from Microsoft one day, but it’s highly unlikely that it may get destroyed. LinkedIn right now has 400 million active users. People don’t just use LinkedIn for business networking they also use it for finding new job opportunities and finding new employees. Besides, Microsoft wouldn’t spend $ 26 billion just to destroy a thriving product.

In this LinkedIn post Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella has laid out certain integration scenarios:

  • You may be able to authenticate yourself with LinkedIn while logging into Microsoft Outlook and the Office suite (and maybe vice-versa)
  • You will get LinkedIn notifications within your Windows action center. This might turn into a problem because LinkedIn doesn’t manage its notifications quite well and they all get mixed up with each other.
  • You will be able to create your LinkedIn resume using MS Word.
  • The LinkedIn sponsored content may also use various Microsoft properties so it will expand your reach if you are advertising on LinkedIn.
  • Enterprise LinkedIn Look up will be powered by Active Directory and Office 365.
  • LinkedIn Learning will be available in Office 365 and within the Windows ecosystem.
  • A new way of social selling through a combination of Sales Negative and Dynamics 365.

When technology companies buy social networking websites it doesn’t mean that they are diversifying into social networking. Basically they are looking for a new platform to promote their own business. Microsoft sells lots of business suites and there are lots of businesses on LinkedIn. Once both these platforms are integrated, Microsoft users will be able to do better networking and LinkedIn users may end up embracing many of the Microsoft business solutions.

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