Microsoft Edge proves to be the least secure browser at Pwn2Own

Microsoft Edge was the least secure browser in Pwn2Own 2017
Microsoft Edge was the least secure browser in Pwn2Own 2017

Microsoft isn’t exactly known for creating very secure browsers. Its Internet Explorer was notorious. People have woven stories around how insecure and unreliable Internet Explorer was and everybody heaved a sigh of relief when Firefox and later on Google Chrome became available.

With Windows 10 came Microsoft Edge and everybody began to think that finally Microsoft was getting the hang of browsing. It seems Microsoft Edge remains the least secure browser compared to other browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Safari. In fact, the most hacked browser at Pwn2Own 2017 was Microsoft Edge and the most secure was Google Chrome.

It doesn’t help that Microsoft Edge enjoys just 5% market share. On top of that, Google’s Project Zero research team has been constantly finding security flaws in various Windows 10 features and products, including Microsoft Edge. Recently, Google made a Windows 10 bug public within 10 days of notifying Microsoft. Normally, a bug is made public after 60 days of reporting it.

The worst part is, according to Tom’s Hardware, Microsoft wrote the Edge browser from scratch to do away with all the problems that Internet Explorer faced.

Pwn2Own is mostly a hacking contest in which hackers try to hack various software applications and browsers. In the 2017 hacking contest, Microsoft Edge came out to be the most hacked browser and Google Chrome the least.

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