Microsoft Edge extensions will be available soon

Extensions will be available for Microsoft Edge

Using a browser these days without extensions and add-ons is quite difficult and this is a major reason why I haven’t yet tried out Microsoft Edge, the browser/Windows Explorer that comes with Windows 10. Not even the basic extensions are available with Microsoft Edge. This is soon going to change. According to this Windows blog, multiple extensions will be available to Microsoft Edge browser users. Microsoft Edge, by the way, has replaced the infamous Internet Explorer after the Windows 10 launch.

Frankly, not many people seem to be using a Windows browser these days and only those people use it who are not very particular about what sort of browser they use as long as they can log onto the Internet. But for serious browsing needs that involve using online applications, people mostly rely on Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari and Opera. A Windows browser rarely comes up in discussion when it comes to seriously using the Internet. Nonetheless, there might be a big chunk of people using Microsoft Edge.

Besides, sometimes, both Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox become resource hungry. Another reason for using Microsoft Edge would be that people don’t want to install another browser and instead, would like to use the default browser that comes with the operating system for better compatibility. But lack of extensions was a big minus point and it is strange that Microsoft hadn’t thought of it before.

If you are participating in Microsoft Windows Insider Program, and if you download Build 14291 of Windows 10, your version of Microsoft Edge browsers should support extensions. The makers of Twitter app Tweeten have already released an extension for Microsoft Edge.

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