Microsoft is donating $1 billion worth of cloud services to nonprofits and educational institutions

Microsoft is to meeting $1 billion worth of cloud computing services to nonprofits and universities
Microsoft is to meeting $1 billion worth of cloud computing services to nonprofits and universities

Microsoft has decided to donate $1 billion to nonprofits and educational institutions. But this donation is not going to be in terms of money. The software company is going to donate $1 billion worth of cloud services. The Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella believes that cloud computing is a vital resource for addressing the world’s problems that the schools and non-profit organisations are trying to solve.

In a recent Microsoft blog post Satya Nadella is quoted as saying that the company is committed to putting the Microsoft Cloud to work for the public good. Microsoft Philanthropies is a separate branch dedicated to growing public good. Along with Microsoft Research and Microsoft Business Development Microsoft Philanthropies will be donating $1 billion worth of Microsoft cloud services to around 70,000 non-profit organisations over the next 3 years.

Big data reveals insights that are not normally visible to the human eye and cloud computing facilitates big data. Microsoft and other technology companies realise that major problems of the world can be solved using the combination of big data and cloud computing. The information that can be obtained from big data doesn’t just solve problems for technology and science, it can also reveal startling insights into economics, social sciences and other spheres of human services. Cloud computing services can also improve communication and problem-solving capabilities of non-profit organisations by letting them leverage the cutting-edge technologies.

Through the donation of $1 billion worth of cloud services, Microsoft will be providing free service to 70,000 nonprofits over the next 3 years, serving 900 university researchers with Microsoft Azure and providing broadband to 20 communities in 15 countries.

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