Microsoft admits that it wrongfully forced people to upgrade to Windows 10

the Windows 10 operating system was forced on people
the Windows 10 operating system was forced on people

Microsoft has been enthusiastic about getting the Windows 10 operating system on more than 1 billion devices in a year and in order to achieve that, recently, Microsoft’s Chief Marketing Officer Chris Capossela admitted that the company might have crossed the line in forcing people to upgrade to Windows 10 even when they didn’t want to upgrade.

Here is the YouTube video of the Microsoft’s Windows Weekly podcast in which he says that the company was a wee bit aggressive about trusting the Windows 10 operating system upon them.

As you can see, very condescendingly, with abundant gaiety, they discuss how it was a mistake to force people into upgrading the Windows 10.

If you remember, when people were getting updates about upgrading to Windows 10, there used to be a window that would ask people whether they wanted to upgrade or not. Normally, when you close the window without doing anything – clicking the red X icon on the top right corner, it means declining to upgrade. Despite clicking the red X icon, many systems proceeded to upgrading to Windows 10.

This Forbes report lists many more such instances where, as the writer says, Microsoft hit the “rock bottom” by not just doing the opposite of what the red X icon means, but also bombarding users with multiple upgrade notices. The company even downloaded the Windows 10 operating system on all Windows 7 and Windows 8 users’ PCs without notifying them. There even came a time when the Cancel button was completely removed when it was asked whether people wanted to upgrade to Windows 10 or not.

The issue of the red X icon not doing what it is supposed to do wasn’t a small error and the author of the Forbes report finds that it couldn’t have happened without the knowledge of the senior management in the company. Eventually there came a time when the only two options given to users while “Upgrade now” and “Upgrade tonight” – that’s it, no other option.

Even when Windows 10 – a much better operating system compared to Windows 7 and Windows 8 – was being offered for free, users shouldn’t have been arm twisted into upgrading to it.

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