Now you can get an Mi Bluetooth Speaker from Xiaomi

Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth speakers launched
Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth speakers launched

The Chinese smartphone and tablet company Xiaomi has now launched an Mi Bluetooth Speaker that you can use to listen to music or anything audio on your smartphone or tablet.

For a very long time I have been thinking of purchasing a Bluetooth speaker for my tablet and smartphone because I need to play the tanpura and tabla while doing vocal music practice with my daughter. I have considered JBL so far. My sister has a Sony Bluetooth speaker but I don’t know why, I didn’t get a good feel from it. Since I already have the Xiaomi Mi Pad (reviewed here), I think I might go for the new Mi Bluetooth speaker.

In India the Mi Bluetooth speaker from Xiaomi costs 1,999 which is quite consistent with the low-cost devices this Chinese tech company has been flooding India with. I’m pretty sure it is giving very tough competition to the fledgling Indian tech companies but in a way, this is good. This is how businesses learn how to compete.

The new Mi Bluetooth speaker comes with multiple music playback modes and it can be used with multiple devices such as smartphones, tablets, TVs and laptops. I think the only requirement is the ability to connect to devices with Bluetooth. As I can see on the web page, auxiliary input support is also available.

Do people actually use Bluetooth speakers with their devices? I think they do. I have seen lots of people using Bluetooth speaker docks with iPods and iPhones. Even at my music school I saw the music teacher using a JBL Bluetooth speaker with his smartphone to play background music while teaching us the notes.

Xiaomi has tried to make the Mi Bluetooth speaker as light as possible. It costs just around 270g. It’s easy to carry in your bag. Its length is 168 mm, with 24.5 mm and height 58 mm. Right now (if it is already available for sale) it comes in gold and blue colours.

It uses Bluetooth version 4.0. You can read the specs on the official Xiaomi webpage.

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