The Mi Band comes with multiple health-tracking sensors

Mi Band

You must have already read about wearable Smart watches and there are plenty of them in the market. But what about a smart watch that does not have a display? After all you wear a smart watch to do many things that your smart phone or even a tablet does? The $ 13 wrist wearable from Xiaomi (I talked about their phones being launched in India recently) called the Mi Band isn’t targeting a market that relies upon some sort of a display. This wearable device, whether you call it a smart watch or a Fitness band is more of, according to the description of the parent company, a fitness monitor and sleep tracker. Its smart alarm allows you to maintain a healthy sleep cycle. It can track your movement while running or walking. It has a 30-day standby battery life. It can also unlock your phone if it is in the proximity (probably it only works with the Xiaomi range of smart phones).

I think the main strength of these Mi fitness bands will be their simplicity. With a world full of distractions that constantly encourage you to take photographs, check messages and broadcast updates, this is something that you can simply wear to accomplish tasks as simple as checking your sleep cycle, waking you up and telling you how much you have walked or jogged without too many distractions and intrusions. It comes with different color options and right now it is only available in China but the way Xiaomi is launching its products internationally, it may soon be available at your local shop as well.

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