Meerkat has launched a new group video chatting app for teens called Houseparty


Houseparty is a new group video chatting app for teens that has been launched by Meerkat. In case you don’t know, Meerkat allows you to broadcast your videos in real time. It’s like Facebook Live. Whenever you want the world to see exactly what you’re doing right now, you can initiate a Meerkat broadcast and everybody who is interested can join in. Meerkat has brought the same concept in Houseparty with which users, mostly teenagers, can invite people to join their “house” and then, basically, have a group video chat. One house can have at the most eight members or participants.

So basically it is a group video chatting app – you can group video chat already with many apps. Aside from Facebook Live you can also have live video chat and live radio broadcast with Twitter’s Periscope. You can also group video chat with Google Hangouts. Group video chatting is also available in Skype.

But anyway, Meerkat already has the technology to stream live video and it might as well use for a group video chatting app. Meerkat had launched the group video chat app called Life on Air previously too but I have no idea what happened to that app. The Meerkat CEO and co-founder Ben Rubin, according to this Fortune link, describes Houseparty as an informal way to have group video chats on phones. Wow, this is something new. Rubin says that they didn’t want to be a theatre where people would simply broadcast their videos in front of unknown people. Instead, they want the app to be used as a house party where friends can get together and watch each other doing things in real time. Well, this may give “ideas” to many other services too.

Interestingly, whereas the popularity of the original Meerkat video broadcasting app has been fading, so many people have downloaded and installed the group video chatting app Houseparty that the servers of the company were having a problem. The app is available both on iOS and Android.

Here is a small video previewing the group video chatting app Houseparty from Meerkat

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