Marissa Mayer may get a $23 million severance package after the Verizon deal

Marissa Mayer pic from Wikipedia
Marissa Mayer pic from Wikipedia

By the time Marissa Mayer joined Yahoo! one of the original Internet companies was already beleaguered. She was expected to pull the company out of its slump but somehow she couldn’t work her magic.

Yahoo! hasn’t just been able to keep up with other technology and Internet giants, there have also been massive data breaches in its servers, considerably denting its remaining reputation.

Verizon is purchasing Yahoo less for its business value, and more for the 1 billion monthly active users. Despite being in the slumps for many years, Yahoo! still  enjoys a considerable reach among Internet users and this is the reason Verizon is ready to pay around $4.8 billion for its acquisition.

Marissa Mayer, the current Yahoo! CEO, is expected to get $23 million as a severance package when she leaves the company after the acquisition.


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