How to make a phony call to yourself from your browser?

send a phony call to your mobile phone
send a phony call to your mobile phone

This can be good browser extension at workplace, and it is called “NOPE”. It allows you to make a phony call to yourself from your Google Chrome browser. The website is full of silly animations but it can be a useful extension during desperate times. Here is the direct link to the free extension.

For example, you’re really busy and you want to complete that article in the next 30 minutes. You have set a good rhythm for yourself. You are feeling very creative. Sentences and words are simply flowing like beautiful mountain streams and you are feeling as if you are in the realm of dreams.

And then suddenly, someone comes up to you and starts chatting, whether it is casual talk or something work-related.

Although you have already been disturbed and your rhythm has been broken and you can do nothing about that, you can still save yourself some time. There is still a chance that you can get back to your groove. All you have to do is, cut the interruption as short as possible.

Once you have installed the Google Chrome extension, NOPE, a green icon appears in the extensions section of your browser. You will have to enter your phone number. Once everything is working, whenever you want to cut short a conversation, stealthily, click the icon on your browser and your phone will receive a phony call. You can pick up your phone and pretend as if it’s an important call and you need some privacy.

That’s it, the person will leave and you can get back to whatever you’re doing.

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