Make one-touch credit card payments from your smartphone now with PayPal

One-touch smartphone payment with PayPal

Making credit card payments from your smartphone can be a drag. Although you can use something like LastPass to store your credit card information (it is totally encrypted) there are still millions of prospective customers and subscribers who would want a one-touch facility to make credit card payments without compromising on the security. There are some services that allow you to make instant payments. For instance in if you have activated “1-Click” payment all you have to do is tap on the item (for instance, a book in your Kindle) and the credit card that you have stored in your account is immediately used to enable you to buy the item. Similarly, you can download apps, games, music and movies from Google Play by storing your credit card information in Google Wallet (or is it Google checkout?). But what if you want to purchase something out of the ecosystems of and Google?

If you are a merchant wanting to sell your items to smartphone users and provide them a facility of one-touch payment, there is an app for you called One Touch. At the time of writing this the service is still in the “Coming soon” phase but once you have implemented the feature your customers will be able to make payments with just a single touch. The service is based on PayPal so the credit card information must already be there in the PayPal user’s account.

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