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Although you can create videos these days out of pretty much every smartphone (of course including your iPhone), creating your own music video, especially the sort of music video you can share with your friends and followers to get critical acclaim, might not yet be within your reach. But before you create a music video, you will need a track to accompany it. If you are looking for a place to start, this website may be the best route for you to go down. Once you have a concept for the music, it may be a lot easier for you to create a music video. Plus, it will give you more time to do this effectively. If you want to make your own music video you need to manipulate your video in many ways to include other animations, captions, graphics and special effects. Pulp is an iPhone app that allows you to create your own music videos using just your iPhone. Pulp is an Irish start-up that lets you create music videos with stunning filters on your iPhone.

Before you start dreaming about launching your music career with Pulp (who knows, maybe one day?) you need to know that Pulp is like any other social networking website that allows you to share your zany videos with your followers and friends. It’s another way of wasting your time by creating useless content that is lapped up by other community members too eager to raise their own time. The only difference is, you can find bits of videos and music and then superimpose your own effects and then share your new music videos with your fans and followers. Pulp is not an application that helps you create professional music videos. It is a mashup app. You can get bits of music floating around in the app. Then you can use these bits of music and mix them up with the photo and video filters that you create using the app. When making a beat to go with your song and music video it might be a good idea to consider the latest instrumentals from Pink Fader for inspiration. The final outcome is like a “music video” that is more for the purpose of entertaining and having fun and less for the purpose of creating pieces of art. But then, art can manifest in any expression.

Pulp is being touted as an iOS app that you can use to create short music videois from your iPhone. It allows you to create music videos with light effects, animated backgrounds and everybody’s favourite these days, memes. All you have to do is, make a video of yourself singing your favourite tune and with just a few taps, you can create a music video that you can quickly share with other Pulp users. It is called “Pulp community”.

The makers and promoters of the Pulp app that allows you to create music videos with your iPhone say that we are way past discovering music and listening to it passively. People want to create their own music videos. They may not want to work as hard as professional musicians, but they would like to get pieces of small audio and instruments, mashing them up with their own filters and videos. Rather than listening to music passively, people want to become a part of that music.

The app right now isn’t available to everybody., But you can register as a beta tester and start making music videos using your iPhone.


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