How to make a Google Play Store payment with PayTM


Lots of people in India are using PayTM these days to not just make online payments but also to buy day-to-day stuff by the roadside. Practically any sort of payment can be made using PayTM these days and Google doesn’t want it to be left behind. Now you can make a Google Play Store payment with PayTM.

Why would you make a Google Play Store payment with PayTM?

Normally when you need to make a Google Play Store payment you attach a credit card  to your Google account. Although there is Google Wallet but I’m not sure whether the wallet is available in India or not. Google also provides Android Pay, but again, I’m not sure whether the service or the app is available in India or not. On the other hand, PayTM is available everywhere in India.

There are a great many Google Play Store apps and games available and for many apps and games, you need to pay a fee whether to avail extra features (if you are using a game or an app  for free and now you would like to use the premium features) or to purchase a commercial app or game. Right now, if you want to make a payment for the Google Play Store app or game, you need to attach your credit card with your account. Not many people want to do that.

The benefit of paying with PayTM is that you don’t even need a credit card. As long as you can use online banking, you can use PayTM. All you need to do is, add money to PayTM account and you can make Google Play Store payment with PayTM.

How to make a Google Play Store payment with PayTM

It’s very easy. Assuming you have money in your PayTM account, tap on your PayTM icon on your mobile phone.

This is the row within PayTM where you will find the Google Play Store icon:


Tap on the icon and you can pay the money to PayTM. This doesn’t mean you have paid the money to Google Play Store. After you have made the payment through PayTM, you receive a Google Play Recharge Code on your registered mobile number (the number that you have registered with Google).

After you have received your Google Play Recharge Code launch the Google Play Store app  and tap on the icon on the top right corner:


From there tap the Redeem option


Remember the Google Play Store Recharge Code that you received from Google through SMS? You have to copy/paste it here:


Tap on the REDEEM icon and then tap on the CONFIRM icon.

That’s it. The money will be added to your Google account and then you can easily pay.

So what’s the difference? Normally you will need a credit card associated with your Google Play Store account in order to be able to pay for Google apps and mobile games. For this you do need a credit card or even a debit card. You can simply use PayTM to make payment and even if the balance is zero in your PayTM account, you can add money using online banking.

How much can you pay in one go?  Anywhere between Rs. 100-Rs. 1500.


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