Is your MacBook constantly overheating? Here is what you can do to keep it cool


An overheating MacBook can begin to work really slow and ultimately it can burn down your system. In many cases, an overheating MacBook isn’t a hardware issue, but the sort of software applications you are using, as suggested in this CNET article. The article has also listed a few steps you can take or a few things that you can do to keep your MacBook from overheating. These steps include:

  1. Stop using the Google Chrome browser: The Google Chrome browser is notorious for using your computer’s processing power and the same is the case with your MacBook. When you use the Google Chrome browser, your CPU resources have to work overtime. Apple recommends that you use the Safari browser although the company may have its own interests in saying that.
  2. Avoid using multiple tabs when browsing the Internet: It is quite tempting to use numerous tabs so that you can go through them once you have opened 20-30 webpages at the same time. Multitasking like this is any way not good for your concentration. Open the tab that you really need to refer to, go through the material and then close the tab, and then move onto the next tab.
  3. Keep the MacBook ventilators free of obstructions: Many times your MacBook might be overheating because the hot air doesn’t get to vent out. This normally happens when you have placed your MacBook over a cushion, a pile of clothes, and even on your lap. If you can, place your MacBook on a flat, hard surface.
  4. Avoid working under the sun: Although, it is quite tempting, especially in winter, to spread yourself on the grass on a sunny day and work on your MacBook but this can end up overheating your laptop. Occasionally you can work like this, but don’t turn it into a habit.
  5. Get the fans serviced: The fans inside your MacBook keep it from overheating by injecting out the hot air, so it is very important that the fans are working properly. If you feel that the overheating is being caused by malfunctioning fans, get them serviced as soon as possible.
  6. Don’t install apps unnecessarily: Since apps can be easily installed – although in the case of MacBook and other Apple products you have to purchase most of the software – it doesn’t mean that you install them indiscriminately. Just as you don’t want to collect clutter in your house, you don’t want to collect clutter in your MacBook. Install only those apps you use regularly and for the rest, there are plenty of web-based apps available that you can use occasionally.

Overheating can happen for various reasons and sometimes those reasons are not directly under your control. For example, if your MacBook is very old, maybe it’s time to replace it or at least tone down its usage. It might be best to sell your mac and either buy a brand new one, or buy a different brand of laptop. It’s completely up to you. But in most of the cases, overheating happens because of the reasons listed above. Avoid these reasons and to a great extent you can stop your MacBook from overheating regularly.

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