Looking for an English-speaking cabdriver in Rio de Janeiro? Uber can get you one

Uber will provide you English-speaking cabdrivers in Rio de Janeiro
Uber will provide you English-speaking cabdrivers in Rio de Janeiro

First it’s going to be the annual Carnival in Rio de Janeiro and then the Olympic Games, which means hundreds of thousands of people are going to land in Rio de Janeiro and a majority of them will be looking for English-speaking cabdrivers when they need to travel. Uber has just announced that UberEnglish is expanding into Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, just before these two major international events to leverage the business opportunity. Uber is providing this service in collaboration with one of the biggest language learning websites Duolingo.

The new English-speaking cabdriver Uber service will allow you to request drivers who are Duolingo-certified English speakers. Currently, according to the service, there are 1400 Uber English drivers in Rio de Janeiro. You can simply log in to your app and find UberEnglish drivers by selecting the tab and looking for cars with the United Kingdom flag (which normally signifies the English language in many applications). A lot of these cab drivers may have learnt English through websites such as this website, as they can provide strong support to people looking to learn English as a second or additional language.

Before Rio de Janeiro the UberEnglish service was launched in Colombia. There you could tap on the American flag in order to hire cab drivers in Colombia who can speak English. According to Duolingo ever since the service was launched, more than 1000 drivers have signed up for certification.

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