Looking for an alternative to kickass torrent website?

alternative to the kickass torrent website
alternative to the kickass torrent website

Torrent websites are staple of many enthusiasts. If you’re looking for an alternative to the kick ass torrent website that was shut down, there is a mirror available with almost the same content: kickasstorrent.website. This is so far the best alternative to the older kickass torrent website.

The world-famous kickass torrent website has been shut down after the arrest of its founder Artem Vaulin in Poland. In less than 24 hours an alternative to the shutdown kickass torrent website was created on a mirror website with almost the same content. Although it misses the forums and support that the original kickass torrent website provided. Other than that the alternative mirror website allows you to use all the existing torrents going back to one-and-a-half years.

The mirror alternative to the kickass torrent website is being hosted by another major torrent website IsoHunt. Recently when The Pirate Bay was taken down, IsoHunt created an alternative website even for this world-famous torrent website.

Does it even make sense to shut down torrent websites?

Most of the content being downloaded from torrent websites like kickass might be illegal in terms of digital copyright, but it doesn’t actually make sense to shut down individual torrent websites because basically they are simply hosting the files that enable peer-to-peer networking. Once you have gotten hold of a particular .torrent file, it downloads various bits of digital data from, sometimes hundreds of computers. Torrent websites simply host the torrent files and the support communities. Besides, the moment one torrent website is taken down, scores of alternative websites are activated within hours.

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