For how long does an iPhone last on an average?

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For how long does an iPhone last

For how many years on an average can you use an iPhone? Although there cannot be an exact answer to this question because for how long an iPhone or for that matter any smartphone, or for that matter, anything else in your life, lasts, depends on how you use it, or how you take care of it and for what purpose you use it.

This Apple answers link mentions that on an average you can use an iPhone for 3 years – it means you should replace your iPhone after 3 years. It’s not just the iPhones that you can use up to 3 years; Apple Watches and iPads should also be replaced after 3 years. Mac computers on the other hand can stretch up to 4 years.

These are “first owners” figures, which means, people who are using an iPhone or an iPad or an Apple Watch for the first time. This information has been released in relation to Apple’s collaboration with WWF to highlight how much the company contributes to the greenhouse gas life-cycle. The longer you can use your device the better it is for the environment.

The above link along with the information about how long an iPhone lasts on an average is primarily a text that conveys how environmental friendly Apple is.

In the world of technology 3 years is a long time. This is especially the case in countries where smartphones like iPhone can be easily replaced and people can easily purchase or upgrade their devices without feeling the pinch. In a country like India where Apple is trying to sell 3-4-year-old iPhones, you may find people using their iPhones for more than 4-5 years without having any problem.

Again, for how long you can use a particular device depends on how you use it. For example, I have been using my assembled PC for more than 5 years now and it still works quite well. I’m planning to replace it within the next 6 months but this is because I’m looking for a faster processor, otherwise I have no problem with it. Even when I change my PC I’m not going to simply discard it, I’m going to give it away to someone who can use it. I have a Samsung Galaxy tablet that I purchased 4 years ago and although I no longer use it, if I want, I can use it.

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