How to lock your kid’s phone if he does not answer your call


Does it happen often to you that you call your teenage kid and he never picks up the phone (or she)? This is a problem faced by many worried parents. It’s like, you give a phone to your teenage kid so that you can know his whereabouts or in case of some urgency you can call. But what if he never picks up the phone or pretends he was not around when you called? There is an app that locks or disables his phone unless he does not call back. Yes, no calling, not extinct, not even the Internet. Every communication halted. Neat, isn’t it? The app cannot be uninstalled by your kid.

This app has been created by an estranged mother named Sharon Standifird of Huston, who has served in the Gulf War, by the way. She was fed up that her son Bradley would either never answer when she called, or never called back. She collaborated with the developer and both of them came up with an app called “Ignore No More” that deactivates the child’s phone completely until he calls back. Of course the child can still call the emergency 911 number (or whichever emergency number works in your region). According to this update the mom got so sick of her kids ignoring her calls that she ended up creating the app.

Currently the app “Ignore No More” is available just for Android smartphones at a cost of $ 1.99 (although according to some reviews left on the Google apps page mention that it may not work on older models).

So how does “Ignore No More” work? Simple, purchase the app from Google apps, install it on your mobile phone as well as the mobile phone/phones of your kid/kids. I haven’t been able to test the app myself but logically you should be the admin of the app and your kid’s smartphone should be the devise you should be able to control. You will have to enter the relevant phone numbers (the ones you would like to block in case they won’t respond).

Many on the Internet say that this is going too far, but I don’t think so. Teens can be really dumb sometimes and there should be a way to force them into calling you back in case they don’t respond.

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