Can you live stream on YouTube? YouTube Connect will let you live stream

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Live streaming with YouTube Connect

If reports are to be believed, Google is working on an app called YouTube Connect that will allow you to do your own live streaming. Wondering what’s live streaming?

As you already know that you can upload videos on YouTube and then people watch those videos. Those videos are not live. You may have created the video you are uploading on YouTube years ago. Maybe you are uploading a video on YouTube that was created by someone in the last century. This is not live video streaming.

Live streaming is what people know in India as “seedha prasaran” – people can see stuff as it is happening. For example, if you want to sing live in front of an audience, you can do so using live streaming.

YouTube Connect isn’t a new concept. If you want to live stream there are already many apps and websites that allow you to live stream. Some months ago I came across a website called You Now that allows you to live stream from your smartphone. Surprisingly this live streaming website is quite known among its regular users.

Periscope is another website that allows you to live stream but it is a bit different from You Now because You Now is used mostly by people who want to live stream their performance whereas, as I can see, Periscope is for general live streaming. I didn’t know you can do live streaming on Facebook Live.

It’s not that you cannot do live streaming right now on YouTube. If you have verified your YouTube account just go to the upload section and either on the left sidebar or right sidebar you can see the LIVE STREAMING option that allows you to live stream.

The difference with YouTube Connect, as reported on this Venture Beat link, will be that just like Periscope, you will be able to use your smartphone app to live stream. It will be available both on iOS and Android. You will be immediately able to log into the app using your Google or YouTube account and start streaming. People will be able to watch your live stream using the app or the main YouTube website.

Being a video website live streaming is a natural next step, especially when there are already websites and apps doing great in this field.

What’s the use of live streaming for a normal, casual user?

You can develop your own audience. The benefit of live streaming is that when you stream, a collection of people are watching you. Right now watching YouTube videos can be a passive exercise because people can log on and watch your videos whenever they feel like. There is no collective feeling. But when people log on to YouTube or the app at the same time to watch you live streaming, you will experience as if you are performing in front of people.

Live streaming will test your ability to gather people to watch your performance or simply watch whatever you are streaming at that time.

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