Would you like to go live on the moon? Maybe in 10 years or less

Humans will be able to live on the moon in 10 years
Humans will be able to live on the moon in 10 years

If you have always dreamed about and wanted to live on the moon, you may be able to do it in 10 years or less, according to this Popular Science link (it’s quite a big article). All those fairytales accounts are going to come true when people would visit from the moon and get involved in all sorts of adventures or inversely, people going to the moon to eat lots of ice cream because there are mountains of ice cream on the moon. Scientists are aiming to not just send people to the moon for excursions and tourism, they are also envisioning a reality in which people will be able to live on the moon.

In August 2014 a workshop took place which brought together the greatest scientists from the fields of aerospace, genetics and astrophysics to sit together and draw up a plan to encourage low-cost travel to the moon and building human settlements.

During the workshop a special edition of the journal New Space was prepared and these are the papers that have been just put up online. According to the information on the New Space special issue on low-cost space travel to moon and habitation, low-cost living on the moon is very much a reality and it is not just going to be the realm of the super-rich.

Have you ever wondered why there has never been another manned-mission to the moon? The Apollo program that sent the first man to the moon, according to the current standards, would cost $150 billion. NASA’s entire budget for the year 2016 is $19.3 billion.

According to the New Space papers it is possible to set up a small base on the moon for as little as $10 billion, and that too by 2022.

“New technologies, some of which have nothing to do with space,” says NASA astrobiologist Chris McKay, “like self-driving cars and waste-recycling toilets, are going to be incredibly useful in space, and are driving down the cost of a moon base to the point where it might be easy to do.”

The ultimate aim of inhabiting the moon wouldn’t be the permanent residence. The main aim is to prepare humans to go live on Mars. Before they can live on Mars, they will need to learn to live on the moon.

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