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If you use LinkedIn, you must already be using its “Update” section to publish longer posts. Many were using this section to republish their existing blog posts and articles. Considering how popular long form updates have been on LinkedIn, LinkedIn has launched its own blogging platform that you can use to publish blog posts directly on LinkedIn. The concept of blogging has become so popular that now large companies like LinkedIn have now become a part of it. Blogging, no matter how big or small you are, or whether your a community of dads writing a blog called TheDadsnet or a small business owner looking to share interesting posts about your products or services, blogging allows people to get content out to a larger audience, but only through the use of something like web hosting canada. There is always a starting point, no matter how big a brand may seem. Whether you’re a company liked LinkedIn or a small business in Canada, everyone needs a bit of help sometimes to make their blog/website a success. This is why it is always a good idea to use a web hosting company to help you get started, no matter the size of your blog/website. You will find that having a web host will be incredibly helpful in making your blog a success. If this is something that you are still unsure about then you might be interested in checking out a company like Hosting Foundry, who can help point you in the right direction and give you the relevant information.

Actually if you go to LinkedIn you don’t find something like “Blog here”, instead you find “Write an article” and once you click on this link you are taken to a blog-like interface where you can publish your blog post. At first glance the interface looks similar to the Medium blogging platform. But it is a toned down version of the Medium blogging platform, specifically catering to the LinkedIn community that is more interested in publishing business-centric content on LinkedIn. If you read this update from LinkedIn, the business social networking website isn’t calling its platform a “blogging platform”; they are calling it “LinkedIn Publisher”. This is basically a spruced up version of the “Update” section that you could previously use to publish blog posts and articles on LinkedIn.

Why would you use this new blogging platform on LinkedIn to publish your blog posts?

It’s the same logic people use to publish blog posts using the Medium blogging platform – greater visibility. When you are publishing blog posts on your own blog, for example, a WordPress-hosted blog, you have to build an audience from ground up. But on platforms like Medium and LinkedIn, you may already have an audience. This gives you instant visibility. When you already have some level of visibility, it is easier to gain more visibility. That’s the main reason why you would use the new blogging platform on LinkedIn.

Why LinkedIn is having its own blogging platform?

Simple. Every social networking website wants its users to spend more and more time on the website rather than finding links, clicking the links, and then going away. Facebook too has launched an interface that allows publishers to publish full articles on Facebook itself so that people can read those articles there and then rather than first clicking the link and then going to the main website. LinkedIn must have found that its users prefer to read long form articles and blog posts and they often click links and then move on to other websites. If people are already blogging about their businesses and professions, then why not allow them to publish their blog posts on LinkedIn itself rather than other websites? This way people will have no reason to move away.

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