Would you like to use some software that NASA uses? It’s available for free

freely download NASA software catalogue 2017-2018
freely download NASA software catalogue 2017-2018

It seems every year NASA makes its software publicly available for free to download and use. NASA has just released its 2017-2018 software catalogue that you can use without any royalty or copyright fees.

This software code is used for data processing and storage, as business systems, operations, propulsion and even aeronautics. You can download software applications that can enable you to analyse and manipulate images at the individual pixel level.

So if you’re planning on launching a satellite or something, you would probably like to look into some of the code snippets available on the NASA catalogue. Every software is accompanied with “plain language” description of what can be done with it. The agency had published its first software catalogue in 2014 and ever since then, it has been releasing new catalogues every year and so far, has shared thousands of its software programs that can be used by students, industry, individuals, and government agencies.

This TechCrunch write-up explains better how different pieces of NASA code can be used.

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