Lenovo is phasing out the Motorola brand and going with “Moto by Lenovo”

Lenovo is phasing out the Motorola brand
Lenovo is phasing out the Motorola brand

Lenovo that purchased Motorola Mobility from Google in 2014 for $3 billion will be phasing out the Motorola brand and instead will be going with “Moto with Lenovo“. Google in turn had purchased the business from the original Motorola company in 2012, but instead of phasing out the brand, it decided to sell the company to the Chinese computer giant Lenovo (which was originally called IBM).

The higher-end Motorola phones will go with this new brand name. The mid-range phones will be branded under Lenovo’s Vibe label, according to this CNET link. The link further says that the name Motorola won’t be completely wiped off the map of the technology world. It will keep on existing as separate Chinese consumer electronics branch. The phasing out of the existing Motorola brand was announced in the consumer-electronics show in Las Vegas known as CES.

Motorola, if you remember, was one of the pioneering mobile phone manufacturers along with Nokia. As it happened with Nokia, the Motorola range of phones couldn’t keep up with the extremely fast-growing smartphone market.

Although Lenovo is phasing out the Motorola brand as an entity, the name “Motorola Mobility” will go on existing as company’s separate phone division but most of its smartphones and wearable devices will be marketed and sold under the “Moto” and “Vibe” tag names.

This range of mobile phones and mobility devices will be bearing the “M” of the Motorola logo but along with that you will also see the blue Lenovo logo in all the subsequent devices.

If you can remember, around 2005 the Razr flip phones were ubiquitous and every Motorola ad the enchanting “hello Moto” music playing in the background.

Ironically, the people at Lenovo think that by phasing out the Motorola brand they are actually strengthening it because the iconic Moto logo or the M symbol is not going anywhere. It will be appearing in all Lenovo devices along with the Lenovo logo.

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