Latest Windows 7 update on an Asus motherboard: There is a bug that wouldn’t allow you to start your PC

Windows 7 has a bug that affects Asus motherboards

Microsoft is warning that there is a bug in Windows 7 that won’t allow you to start your PC in case your PC has an Asus motherboard, as reported on this Forbes link.

Though the author of the article thinks that it might be an arm twisting tactic by Microsoft to force people to switch to Windows 10, the problem might be serious especially when you are unable to turn on your PC. Both Asus and Microsoft seem to have confirmed that there is a problem in case you are running Windows 7 on an Asus motherboard-powered PC.

But what exactly is the problem?

Microsoft released a Windows 7 Update named KB3133977. They keep on releasing such updates, but the problem with this update is, rather than being an “Optional” update, it is a “Recommended” update, which means, people should definitely install the update. But if you are using an Asus motherboard, the update has some incompatibility issues with the Secure Boot settings. So if you’re using the combination of the Windows 7 update KB3133977 and Asus motherboard, you may come across this error when you switch on your PC:

Windows 7 has a bug that affects Asus motherboards

The shady thing is Microsoft knew about the bug and it did nothing. Although there is a support document on the bug coming with KB3133977 that warns people of the danger of installing the update, it also prompts people to move onto Windows 10.

Is it a complete gone case? If you have installed the Windows 7 KB3133977 update and you are using the Asus motherboard you are not going to be able to start your PC?

Fortunately, Asus has posted a set of instructions that you can carry out in order to be able to start your PC even if you have installed the Windows 7 KB3133977 update.

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  1. I have just had this m.board is asus could be more than this error though.about 8 weeks ago my soundcard suddenly was not detected now 6 weeks later graphics card is not detected,windows error code 43.the gpu trys to work saying display driver failed and then the moment computer will display Netflix you tube facebook but wont play games or movies ive d.loaded.the shop that I take my computer to doesn’t believe anything is wrong with gpu because its displaying on the moniter,devices and printers has exclamation mark.he is saying I did something.his solution to uninstall windows fresh install which is how I came across this m.board bug.when he got the pc up and running,with the cards still not being detected,he said I tried to update to win10 from a 3rd party.i did not its from the updates which came after I took pc home.i have never had a soundcard break in 14years of my graphics card did fail over a year,display driver giving up and pc restart by itself until eventually giving basically I have an expensive internet thinking,is m.board slowly dying,first scard now gpu,or windows is the typing this on said pc with updates from Microsoft disabled.a new m.board could be the answer?the shopkeeper thinks Microsoft could not have done anything wrong because they are so a games player,i have over 100 games on steam plus a pensioner so cant run out to buy replacement parts.pc specs-i7 4790-gtx760,win7 home,8gb 1333mhz ram.hdd,2 external and 2 in tower.

  2. also before taking pc back to shop,i tried the fix that’s in the link mentioned above but it did not work.there is no other os for the pc to boot.

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