The latest software Apple update broke Ethernet ports on many Mac computers

Mac computer software update ethernet problem

It hasn’t been a smooth ride for Apple when it comes to updating software on its devices. The error 53 has been wreaking havoc in many iPhones all over the world and now, according to this Business Insider report, the latest software update from Apple seems to have broken the Ethernet port of many Mac computers. The saving grace was that the problem occurred in some older Mac computers and Apple has fixed the problem.

Mac computers and PCs use the Ethernet port to connect to the Internet. Although these days even Mac computers and PCs use Wi-Fi connectivity, there still remains a big chunk of Mac computers and Windows computers that use the Ethernet connection. I use an Ethernet connection with my PC because – I don’t know if it is psychological or real – the Internet works more smoothly when I use a cable rather than a Wi-Fi connection, especially for heavy working.

The problem was not hardware -related. There was a part of a code in the latest update that blocked its own networking code so the computers were rejecting the Ethernet port. People who have updated their software should have solved the problem

I’m just wondering if you don’t have the Internet connection, how do you update your software? This Apple link provides you the solution if your Ethernet connection has stopped working due to the recent software update. If your Mac computer comes with a Wi-Fi connection (in addition to an Ethernet connection) then it’s easier to solve the problem but even if you don’t have a Wi-Fi connection you can manually make some changes and get your Ethernet connection working using the Apple link.

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