Know what your car driver is up to when he’s driving alone

CarIQ device
CarIQ device

With a few exceptions, the car drivers that you hire for your beloved car to drive you around or your beloved family, can be a nasty breed, especially when they are driving alone, unobserved. Ask them to take the car from point A to point B unaccompanied and you never know through what unseemly places your car passes, how they drive your car, how many people they drive around, and whatnot. They steal your fuel, fudge with the milage data, and drive around recklessly. This is why there are some people who would rather use high security car services as and when they need a chauffeur, rather than have someone else drive their car. With car services, you will likely feel more comfortable knowing that they’re a reputable company that hires reputable drivers as there are some drivers are known to run a cab service (with the owner’s car) while the car owner is busy inside the office. Wouldn’t it be great if you could track your driver while he is driving alone? Would like to know at what places the car is taken when you are not sitting with your driver?

A snooping device from the Indian tech start-up CarIQ Technologies Pvt. allows you to snoop on your car driver when you cannot be around. It is a wireless device that lets you keep an eye on your chauffeur. Once attached to the dataport below the steering wheel (these ports are available in almost all the contemporary cars) of your car, it uses a SIM card and GPS to send you the location of your vehicle, the speed with which your vehicle is being driven, the number of times your car accelerates and stops suddenly and all the other necessary details to know how your driver is using your car. Aside from these surveillance details, your CarIQ device can also help you better maintain your car by sending you service alerts, helping you establish a servicing schedule and alerting you of potential problems. It also creates detailed maps of the routes you take and the places you go to so that in case you need to revisit or recommend the places to your friends and colleagues, you can easily share your maps with them. In fact, this is how the product is being promoted rather than as a snooping device for your driver.

When you plug the CarIQ device into your dataport it automatically detects the make of your car and configures itself. It comes equipped with a powerful microprocessor, a GSM modem, storage space and relevant sensors. All the data is catalogued, compressed, encrypted and then finally sent to the CarIQ servers from where it is sent to your smartphone app; or you can check the information using a web interface. Here is the video of the device:

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