Kindle Unlimited: Do you really need it?

Kindle Unlimited has just launched “Kindle Unlimited” – pay $ 9.99 and you can access hundreds of thousands of e-books: text as well as audio. As long as you’re using the Kindle format you can read the books or hear them on multiple devices including the Kindle reader, tablets, PCs and iPads. All you need is an ability to download the book.

Right now Amazon has 600,000 titles that you can avail. Is it worth it, one Washington Post article asks? After all, how many books can you read in a month? You got to be a voracious reader and once you have paid a monthly fee, you will need to run a tight schedule because otherwise you will be wasting your money.

On the other hand it might be a bargain for those who read expensive books – $ 10 + upwards and there are bound to read 2-3 books every month. But normally a person reads just 1-2 books. The above Washington Post article says on an average American person reads five books in a year. In India, I don’t recall the exact figure, it is perhaps six or eight. The problem is, eventually you will be spending $ 120 per years and this is lots of amount for reading books especially in the countries like India where this amount at current rates turns out to be Rs. 7252. Does an average Indian purchase and reads books worth this amount? I doubt.

Again, this service might be good for people who either read lots of books per month, or who have to read expensive titles. Otherwise, personally, to me it doesn’t make sense. Besides, I’m not sure you own the books are not – whether you can download the books are not. If you can remove the DMR you can you can use your Kindle books even with other devices and e-book reading services; for instance, if you can remove the DMR of a particular book, you can use Calibre to convert the book to any format (after all you have purchased the book so logically it belongs to you) and read it with an e-book reader that might be better than the Kindle reader. I’m not sure if you opt for Kindle Unlimited you will be able to download the books and read them or not.

Some may even have a problem with the choice of the books included in the so-called 600,000 titles. For instance, this reviewer on says that you can get a better deal at Scribid and Oyster where, despite the number of books being 400,000 and 500,000 respectively, are much more current and up-to-date.


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