The Kindle Reader software is going to be updated

Kindle Reader software is being updated
Kindle Reader software is being updated

If you use the Kindle Reader on a regular basis here is a good news for you. Its software is being updated and you will get new features once it is updated. For example, the home screen is being redesigned to highlight the sort of books you like to read. Of course, the home screen will be redesigned mostly to encourage you to purchase new books according to your taste, but still, any change would be better than no change.

I have been using Kindle Reader Paperwhite for more than two years now and nothing much has changed in terms of look and feel of the basic reading environment aside from the addition of a new font called “Bookerly”.

There isn’t much to complain if the Kindle Reader software isn’t updated as frequently as software and apps in other gadgets, for example smartphones and tablets. Reading in a Kindle Reader is supposed to be just reading, free of distractions and free of all the razzmatazz that comes with regular tablets. It’s just you and the text in front of you. Still, there are many improvements that are required, for example, there is no colour in Kindle Reader. Sometimes the text appears quite jittery no matter how advanced the gadget has become. It is still not the same as reading an actual book no matter what the guys at claim.

The new software update is being rolled out for Kindle Paperwhite (2013 and 2015), Kindle (2014) and Kindle Voyage (2014). If you don’t want to wait for the new Kindle Reader software update to come to your device you can manually install it using the instructions available on this link.

Aside from the re-arranged home screen, one of the biggest changes in the Kindle Reader software update is the ability to share selected quotes on Facebook, Goodreads and Twitter, as described in this update. (this link also has some images that graphically describe the changes in the new Kindle Reader software update).

Does social sharing make reading more meaningful? Initially I used to be against all these features, but now I think it depends on personal preference. Some people are good solitary readers and some are good group readers. I just recently started going to the Goodreads website and I haven’t been able to figure out exactly how it can help me read more and get me connected with people who like to read what I read. Better would be, if I want to switch off these features easily I should be able to do that in my Kindle Reader.

Another change, according to the update, is that screen brightness icon (the bulb) is being moved to the “gear” option.

I guess the updates are going to take some time to become available. I tried the update manually on my device and it said the update is invalid.

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