Kindle Reader might be coming with a solar rechargeable protective case

Kindle Reader solar rechargeable protective case
Kindle Reader solar rechargeable protective case

Amazon might be in the process of launching a new Kindle Reader with a solar rechargeable protective case. This news became public due to this tweet from CNBC Now:

Almost everybody uses a protective case with the Kindle Reader so they might as well sell it as a required accessory when people purchase the new Kindle Reader.

I have a Kindle Paperwhite and I was thinking just the other day, it is not as good as it should be. The screen is quite small and these days even the font rendering isn’t as good as it feels on even an entry-level tablet. For me, the only reason why I use Kindle Paperwhite is because I can read a book sitting outside, by the road while I’m waiting for my daughter’s school bus. Whenever I’m inside I prefer to read my books either on my daughter’s iPad (when she allows me to) or my Mi Pad.

The Kindle interface on other apps including Android and iOS is much better compared to the actual Kindle Reader. Aside from improving the rendering, they aren’t even improving the technology much, as it is, they don’t have many plans for the Kindle Reader.

But since they have to launch a revised product every few months they are thinking of introducing solar rechargeable protective cases for the Kindle Readers.

The solar rechargeable protective cases will actually be good because many people prefer to use the Kindle Reader under the sun so it would be nice that your protective case is being charged while you are enjoying your book. This may, you may never have to charge your Kindle Reader.

For an ideal book reader, the Kindle Reader will have to give the same experience that a tablet gives minus the problems a typical tablet has like reading under a glare and causing eye-strain.

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