The new Kindle Oasis: won’t be waterproof but a longer battery and wider bezel

Kindle Oasis is not waterproof but has a wider bezel
Kindle Oasis is not waterproof but has a wider bezel

As mentioned in one of my recent posts on the new-coming Kindle Reader nothing actually great is happening in this field. Only minor, although not insignificant, but lackluster changes are being introduced, especially compared to all the revolutionary smart phones and tablets that are being introduced with great speed. With better screen reading capacities soon, devices like Kindle Reader will be rendered obsolete unless something really great is added to the devices.

Will the new Kindle Oasis be waterproof? No. Although various companies are introducing waterproof phones, you’re not going to see a waterproof Kindle Reader very soon. So for the time being you can postpone your plan to read your favourite books on your Kindle Reader in your bath tub, in the swimming pool, or while just having a shower on a hot day. Oh, you were planning to read one of the classics during scuba diving? It’s not going to be possible with Kindle Oasis.

According to this The Verge link, the details of the new Kindle Oasis have been leaked and even a few photographs are available. As you can see in the image, the bezel in the new Kindle Oasis is going to be wider. This means you can have plenty of space to hold Kindle Oasis.

The content can also be flipped. So you can read your Kindle Oasis reader while holding it in both hands. Whether you are a left-hander or a right-hander you will easily be able to hold your Kindle Reader with this wide bezel.

It seems the navigation buttons have been re-introduced. So you don’t have to needlessly touch the screen for flipping pages and besmirch the Kindle Reader screen. It is also less intrusive.

There are other improvements like crisper text, more pixel density and more evenly brighter screen.

The new Kindle Oasis will also be coming with a rechargeable protective case – whether it will be solar charged or not isn’t yet clear. What’s amazing is, in standby mode, the battery may last for 20 months. Yes, you are right. You may not have to charge your Kindle Reader for many months if you purchase your new Kindle Oasis. Anyway this is not a problem with your average Kindle Reader. I have been using my Kindle Paperwhite for a year and a half and I have never had battery -related problems. It charges really fast and it lasts really long.

I may believe that nothing much in terms of innovation is happening with Kindle Reader and eventually the gadget as a standalone device may even die down in a few years unless something major happens with it, I use my Kindle Reader (Paperwhite) with great regularity. In fact, even when I receive a paperback or a hardcover as a gift, if I really want to read the book, I purchase the Kindle Edition (without telling anyone) so that I can read it on Kindle Paperwhite.

Will I purchase the new Kindle Oasis? I don’t buy new gadgets unless I really have to or unless my existing gadget refuses to work at all. There is no need for me to upgrade my Kindle Reader and I’m pretty comfortable with it. Yes, a wider bezel seems like an attractive proposition, but it’s not worth spending money on. Yes, I would have purchased it if I hadn’t already had a Kindle Reader with me.

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