Julian Assange says fake news is good

Julian Assange says fake news is good
Julian Assange says fake news is good

While the entire Western world has turned turtle talking about fake news especially when the concept of “fake news” seems to have helped Donald Trump, or this is what they want to believe now that they need some narrative to make sense of exactly what happened and why they failed, Julian Assange says that fake news is good for WikiLeaks.

In a recent interview in Sydney, via video link, Julian Assange said:

“What is special about WikiLeaks is that it’s not just another damn story, it’s not just another damn journalist putting their damn byline, advertising themselves and their position on another damn story.”

Julian Assange said that what we get as our daily dose of news is actually “weaponized news”: news that is designed to have a particular effect on its readers.

To an extent it is true. Most of the news these days is propaganda and you really come across news as merely news. Even analysis these days is biased opinion. In this manner, sometimes it even becomes difficult to distinguish between real news and fake news because what’s real and what’s fake depends on who is writing it, who is reading it and who is interpreting it.

I have always believed that the conventional media, media that is disturbed by the concept of “fake news”, in reality, publishes more fake news than the bogeyman it is trying to create. It has been producing fake news for many decades. This is why commercial media has been on a steep decline.

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