The Joto robotic whiteboard writes and draws on its own

GIF animation of the Joto robotic whiteboard
GIF animation of the Joto robotic whiteboard

The Joto robotic whiteboard seems like a printer with the difference that instead of printing out a sheet, it can write or draw on a whiteboard with a moving drawing pen. Watch this video to understand the concept:

Normally when we use a whiteboard at office or at home, we need to draw or write on it with a marker holding in our hand. A lot of people do this and make their own whiteboard art. To some the conventional whiteboard seems cool – to work in an old-world fashion – but if you have to do lots of drawing and lots of jotting down it can become a drag after a while. On the other hand, you want to have that whiteboard feel on your wall or on your table.

For example, you want your to-do list on your whiteboard instead of on your tiny mobile screen or even on a tablet. The Joto robotic whiteboard gives you this ability to draw whatever is there on your mobile phone or your computer, onto the whiteboard.

Again, it’s simply the printer technology, actually. Like many other projects these days, the Joto robotic whiteboard is a KickStarter project and it will cost you $199.

As you can see in the video, you can send messages and drawings to the Joto robotic whiteboard to be printed. The whiteboard can be used during presentations, for updating hotel menus, for sending fancy messages and even for creeping out people by sending them cryptic messages from a distance.

Aside from the circuit inside the attachable arm and the pen inside the arm, it uses the usual ink to draw patterns, drawings  and write text on the whiteboard. It also has an inbuilt eraser that can immediately clean the whiteboard so that you can write new stuff on it. It can be integrated with work -related apps such as Slack, Trello, Google calendar (you can print or jot down the highlights of your calendar) and even Twitter.

You can hang the Joto robotic whiteboard on your wall as frame or simply put it on your table.

Would you use it? I think it is one of those products that you start using once you start using them. I would certainly use it because I need to jot down lots of stuff but I don’t use the conventional whiteboard simply because I am unable to write using my hands. It certainly has a great use.

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