It’s difficult to mute group chat notifications in WhatsApp now

You won't be able to miss group chat notifications in WhatsApp
You won't be able to miss group chat notifications in WhatsApp

WhatsApp wants to make ignoring group chats difficult for you. Now even when you have muted a particular WhatsApp group, if people tag you using a “@” you will be receiving the messages posted on that particular WhatsApp group. So now there is no escaping from those annoying members of your WhatsApp group that constantly post silly messages and expand the group whether they are your family members, friends group, or a cult that a few group members are running on WhatsApp.

WhatsApp has added this feature probably to make sure that you don’t miss important notifications especially from members who know that you shouldn’t miss those notifications even if you have muted the group.

If you want to tag people, simply enter “@” and the name of the person you would like to tag. A menu of people you can tag will pop up. You can tag multiple people when posting message in a WhatsApp group.

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