Is the US tech industry as serious about diversity as it claims to be

Is tech industry serious about diversity
Is tech industry serious about diversity

The big tech leaders seem to be up in arms against the US presidential candidate Donald Trump because his remarks on immigrants and people of different ethnicities. In a recent letter on Donald Trump that was published on the blogging website Medium, they claim that the technology industry thrives on diversity and inclusivity so Donald Trump’s rise as the President of the US would be disastrous for technology and innovation.

This NPR article reveals how “diverse” the tech industry actually is in the US. It questions whether the US tech industry is as serious about diversity as it claims to be, and it questions with hard facts, not innuendoes. It lists a few statistics provided by the very same companies who say that that they are a highly diverse demography. For instance,

  • According to 2015, Google has 2% black employees and 3% Hispanic employees; globally 31% of Google employees are women
  • In Facebook, 2% workers are black and 4% are Hispanic. Globally, 32% employees are women in Facebook

The statistics are pretty much same across the US tech industry.

They claim that the problem is the lack of qualified people whereas, the article claims that this is not the case. For example, the US universities are churning out twice as many black engineers as are being hired by technology companies. Almost 50% engineers passing out of American universities are women. One of the Facebook spokespersons indirectly admitted to the NPR writer that they are fighting years-old systematic racism that exists in the hiring process.

Compared to overall private industry, according to this US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission report, the tech industry hires more white, Asian and male employees and less African-Americans, Hispanics and women.

Recently we had covered on the issue of women feeling invisible in the tech industry despite the fact that women are better programmers than men.

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