Is Russia planning to “gift” Edward Snowden to Trump?


Ever since running away from the American law enforcement agencies, Edward Snowden has been living in Russia, and various demands by America to extradite him have been rebuffed. According to bits of news appearing in the mainstream media, Edward Snowden has been quoted as saying that the Russian government may “gift” him to the new Donald Trump government as a friendly gesture.

Here is his tweet:

The rumour has it that Vladimir Putin is considering handing over Edward Snowden to the US government as a “curry favour”.

How did this news come out? The discussion about potential benefits of extraditing Edward Snowden was intercepted by the US intelligence during a high-level discussion. The news was broken by CNBC News.

For all you know this might be a hit job by media agencies that are highly anti-Trump. Russia has no need to appease Donald Trump in such a manner and it would be an international insult if Russia actually sent Edward Snowden like that.

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