Is Google Pixel waterproof? If not, how to make a Google Pixel smartphone waterproof


Is the Google Pixel smartphone waterproof? The latest smartphones from major electronics companies are either waterproof or a bit splash-resistant, that is, if your phone gets wet under the rain or under the sprinkler it may not harm your smartphone. Most of the higher end smartphones coming these days are waterproof – you can actually dip them in the water and when you take them out, they are still working. The iPhone is waterproof. Samsung Galaxy S7 is waterproof. Sony XPeria smartphones are waterproof. A question about the Google Pixel smartphones that is coming to everybody’s mind is, is the phone waterproof?

According to this Android Authority link, the Google Pixel smartphone is IP53 certified. In this certification, “IP” stands for Ingress Protection. Even 53 here means a combination of solids and liquids that can ingress into your smartphone, but let’s not go into the detail. What IP53 certification means is that the Google Pixel smartphones are dust-resistant. They are also spray-resistant as long as the spray is not forceful. This also means that you cannot put your Google Pixel smartphone in a bucket full of water without damaging it. No underwater photography with the Google Pixel smartphone. Many people are disappointed because, as mentioned above, most of the higher-end smartphones these days are waterproof.

So if Google Pixel is not waterproof, can you make the Google Pixel smartphone waterproof? The above link reviews a waterproof case that has been designed for the expensive Google Pixel smartphone. The Google Pixel waterproof cases – available both for Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL – are from a company called LifeProof that has been making water-resistant and dust-resistant cases for smartphones and tablets for a long time. As the name suggests, the case is going to make your Google Pixel smartphone waterproof.

Once you have put your Google Pixel in the LifeProof case, your smartphone becomes waterproof. You can keep it submerged under 6.6 feet of water for one hour without spoiling the smartphone. Along with making your Google Pixel smartphone waterproof and more dust-proof, its inbuilt screen protector also protects your Google Pixel screen from scratches and accidental drops. The entire functionality of your Google Pixel smartphone remains intact.

Right now you can use something like the LifeProof case to make your Google Pixel smartphone waterproof but let’s hope the future versions of Google Pixel smartphones will themselves be waterproof.

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