Is Disney buying Twitter?


This is, sort of, cute news, that Disney might be in the process of buying Twitter. When you think of Disney, you think of Disney fairies, not a company buying Twitter.

A couple of days ago you read on that Twitter might be trying to sell itself as it hasn’t been able to make a profit for many years and still, it is unable to figure out how to make some money despite being one of the biggest social networking websites on the Internet. The latest is that Disney might be buying Twitter. The other contenders, as you have read in the above link, might be Google, Microsoft and Salesforce.

According to this Bloomberg report, Disney is working with a financial advisor to evaluate a possible bid for Twitter. CEO Jack Dorsey after all is already on the board of Disney so a relationship already exists between both the entities.

Twitter is neither getting many new users nor it is generating a decent advertising revenue – again, the problem is that most of the Internet companies depend on advertising revenue rather than exploring other revenue models. What about making Twitter users pay for the service? I think even if 1%-2% people start paying for using Twitter the company can generate a decent amount of money, but everybody is scared of asking users for money.

The reputation of Twitter as a company who is not making any money has gained such proportions that as soon as the news of some acquisition began to surface, the Twitter share price increased by 21%, especially after the possibility of Disney buying Twitter. Whether or not people are considering buying full or fractional shares, looking into Twitter as an investment opportunity will undoubtedly be of interest to many keen to bolster their financial situations.

What could be the benefit to users if Disney buys Twitter? Remains to be seen. Every company has a unique identity and so does Twitter. But the company that eventually buys Twitter will have its own priorities. Disney is a media company. Twitter is trying to become a media company – it is already collaborating with different content providers, especially sports channels to broadcast major sporting events with social networking features incorporated. The National Football League has become its regular content provider.

Disney creates media and has access to massive amounts of media. Twitter wants to broadcast media and make it more socially interactive. Disney’s conventional media broadcaster, television, is gradually losing relevance and more and more content is moving online and when content moves online, social becomes a part of it, and no company does social better than Twitter, at least this is what many think.

Another write-up on Recode suggests that Disney is not going to buy Twitter because it is going to be very costly despite not making any profits. The Recode writer suggests that Disney may not buy Twitter or Twitter may not sell itself to Disney because then Twitter will not be able to source content from multiple content providers and Disney will become its only source. Although Disney has a vast repository of content and it is one of the biggest content producers in the world, its repository is not diverse.

No matter who buys Twitter in the end the impact is going to be felt by its users who really use the service for an enlightened exchange of ideas.

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