iPhones will be made in India now

Made in India iPhones
Made in India iPhones

If the ongoing negotiations between Foxconn and the Indian government bear fruit you will soon be having iPhones made in India.

iPhones right now are manufactured in China but, according to this 9to5mac link they might be made in India very soon.

Foxconn is the largest manufacturer of iPhones and the company is in the process of setting up a $10-billion manufacturing plant in Maharashtra, India, covering an area of approximately 1200 acres. The company is very close to signing a deal with the Indian government. It might take 18 months, once the construction begins, for the iPhones to be made in India.

It’s not that Foxconn is setting up business in India for the first time. The company was previously making Nokia devices in India but had to shut down its production facility when Nokia took its business elsewhere.

The Maharashtra plant won’t be the only production facility Foxconn will be having to make iPhones in India. The company is planning to open 10-12 manufacturing facilities by 2020.

Will made in India iPhones be cheaper compared to the current crop of iPhones? They should be. If most of the parts are produced and assembled in India, these expensive smartphones won’t have to be imported from abroad and hence, they should be cheaper compared to, let us say, made in China iPhones.

Foxconn also makes iPhones and other gadgets for Sony, Microsoft, Google, Motorola, Dell, HP and other major technology companies. Perhaps these phones will also be made in India.

Apple has been trying to sell more iPhones in India. Its recent endeavor to sell used iPhones was scuttled by the Indian government. It is expected that the Indian consumers will find made in India iPhones more attractive and hence it may help Apple to increase its market share without having to sell used iPhones.


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