iPhone sales are increasing in India despite slower network connections

Tim Cook; iPhone sales are increasing in India
Tim Cook; iPhone sales are increasing in India

Recently, the Apple CEO Tim Cook remarked that Apple isn’t achieving its full potential because it is not able to sell as many iPhones in India as it would like to due to slower network connections. Despite that, iPhone sales are increasing in India. There has been a 56% increase in iPhone sales in India compared to the previous year and it seems to be quite promising for the company that has experienced its first slow-down in the US since 2003.

The sale of iPhones in the US have reached a plateau. After the US it was the Chinese market where Apple was selling the most iPhones but due to unpredictable economic conditions in China and heavy competition from companies like Samsung and Xiaomi, the iPhone sales in China aren’t increasing and in fact, they have been decreasing.

In India, on the other hand, the iPhone sales are increasing. This is when there is no official Apple outlet in India – most of the Apple products are sold by third-party vendors or online stores or they are imported by friends and relatives.

Apple’s attitude towards India has been condescending at the best. It used to think that India is a good market only for cheap phones. iPhones and iPads in India became a rage even when no retailer was selling them. Call it vanity or whatever, Indians of a particular economic strata love flaunting their iPhones despite the fact that there are better, more efficient Android phones available in the market at much cheaper rates.

Irrespective of the fact that iPhone sales in India are increasing, a big reason why Apple hasn’t been able to officially sell its devices in India is that the Indian law requires foreign companies to source 27-30% of its materials from India in order to be able to sell in India.

Being the third-largest smartphone market in the world there is a great potential for growth in India especially due to the economy surge being experienced under the Narendra Modi government.

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