An iPhone game by Kim Kardashian is making millions for her, but really?

Kim Kardashian: Hollywood – iPhone game making millions for her
Kim Kardashian: Hollywood – iPhone game making millions for her

Or at least that’s what she recently said in one of her tweets. The exact tweet where Kim Kardashian says that her mobile game for the iPhone called Kim Kardashian: Hollywood, has raked in $80 million for her, follows:

Could this be true? Although there are many people making light of this claim simply because she is Kim Kardashian why would someone doubt simply because who she is? After all her brand is quite known and people buy stuff merely because she endorses or uses it. Either way, she seems to be doing pretty well in whatever she puts her mind to, whether it is the mobile game, her makeup line or perfume. If I wanted to try and achieve even a similar level of online success that Kim and her family have, I would be tempted to buy Instagram likes, where I would purchase from Buzzoid and make start from there. You never know if you don’t try. A few year ago, no one really knew who The Kardashians were and now look at them.

People may treat her condescendingly but once you are famous, there are many ways – legitimate ways – you can make money unless you’re totally dumb.

A reason to believe her is the fact that the company that made the iPhone game for her, Glu Mobile, has reported a revenue of $249.9 million and a big bust must have come from the name of Kim Kardashian.

But this Forbes article explains that she didn’t exactly make the sort of millions she mentioned in her tweet, but even by conservative estimates, the article claims, she must have made at least around $40 million, pre-tax.

The game has been a big earner since it was launched. Glu Mobile is a public traded company and Kim Kardashian: Hollywood is its biggest moneymaker. According to the last count, the game has been downloaded by over 40 million people. In 2014 the game made $74.3 million just in 6 months and in 2015 it generated $71.8 million. By mobile games are standard, it’s quite some money.

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