iPhone 8 may actually be called iPhone 7S


The rumour mill is abuzz with what the next iPhone (after iPhone 7) is going to be called and what features it is going to have. On this blog we have already touched upon what all is to be expected from iPhone 8 (or whatever it is going to be called). Here are some expected features in iPhone 8.

Another rumour mentioned in this Inquisitr post (which quotes CNET which in turn quotes a Japanese Apple blog) claims that the upcoming iPhone 8 may in fact be called iPhone 7S.

This is because Apple follows a pattern when naming successive iPhones. Something like, there is an odd number, and then there is that odd number and the proceeding S and then the even number. So, if ever an iPhone 8 is going to see the light of the day, there’s a great chance that it will surface after iPhone 7S. The Inquisitr post also visits upon the various expected features. For example, iPhone 8 or iPhone 7S may come with wireless charging, a feature that has been there in other Android phones for quite some time now.

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