iPhone 8 design leaked, might have edgeless display and three design choices


There is always heavy speculation about what design changes Apple is going to incorporate in its next iPhone. For many years, there haven’t been many design changes in terms of look and feel of hardware although Apple has been making radical moves away from conventional hardware like headphone jacks and charging cables.

This Forbes report reveals a leak of the new iPhone that may be introduced in 2017.

Although Apple is easily a pioneer when it comes to getting the credit for introducing full-screen touch screen phones to the world, it hasn’t been very adventurous vis-à-vis newer designs. In that sense, electronics companies like Samsung and Xiaomi have been taking leads. Xiaomi recently introduced a smartphone with practically no bezel. The Samsung Galaxy S7 , which has no edge on one side, is already old news.

According to the leaks the next generation of the iPhone, maybe iPhone 8, may come without a bezel or micro-bezel. Normally Apple launches two versions of its iPhones but this time the company may launch three versions. All the three versions will come in a glass unibody chassis.

You will be able to charge your iPhone 8 wirelessly. LCD screen will be replaced by OLED panels. The screen may be curved like Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.

Another speculation is that the new iPhone won’t have a physical home button. The home button and the sensor will be digitally represented on the screen, resulting in an even thinner bezel.

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