iPhone 7 will be without headphone jack, lightning-port audio instead

The next iPhone 7 will be without headphone jack
The next iPhone 7 will be without headphone jack

According to the reports being leaked on the Internet, iPhone 7 may come without headphone jack. Then how will you listen to music or use the headphones or earphones? Through the Lightning-port-based audio interface. The traditional 3.5 MM headphone jack is compatible almost with all headphones and earphones models and without the jack, suddenly there will be millions of accessories that will be rendered useless as far as the iPhone 7 is concerned.

Why is Apple shipping iPhone 7 without headphone jack if it really is, and forcing people to use the lightning port to access audio instead?

For the obvious reason of making it as difficult as possible to switch between different devices. The ability to use non-Apple headphones and earphones might be a big reason why people don’t use these Apple accessories. Many even complained that these are of inferior quality. For example, some people prefer to use a Bose headphone instead of an Apple headphone. An Apple headphone stopped working? Right now there is no need to buy a new, unreasonably expensive headphone or earphone from Apple. You can use a spare one, no matter what brand, with your current iPhone. Without headphone jack you will be restricted to buying a new headphones or earphone for your iPhone 7 that can only be used with the lightning port.

Are there real benefits of shipping iPhone 7 without headphone jack and making people use the lightning port for audio?

What’s the benefit of manufacturing iPhone 7 without headphone jack and making people use the lightning port to listen to music or make phone calls? The greatest benefit might be the extra space for a larger battery. The device can be slimmer. Wireless charging might be incorporated with greater ease now that the phone will be without headphone jack.

Another benefit for Apple would be setting a new trend of forcing other technology companies like Samsung (Apple’s main competitor in terms of manufacturing and marketing smartphones and tablet PCs) to use the lightning port (where you charge your device) as audio jack instead of fitting in an additional part.

But right now, will this move wean people away from the next generation of iPhones rather than forcing them to give up their ability to use all sorts of headphones and earphones with their devices? History shows that people would rather go with their preferred brand instead of going for convenience.

In the meantime, a petition has been floated against Apple deciding to ship its new line of gadgets without headphone jack. Whether you’re forced to use the lightning port or a wireless connection in order to listen to the audio, what people think is, Apple is forcing people to abandon their existing headphones and earphones. It may also have a negative environmental impact. Right now headphones and earphones purchased from other companies can be recycled and used with Apple devices, but with the company deciding to ship its further products without headphone jack, the spare parts will be rendered useless.

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