iPhone 6 is pulling out hair now

Hair getting stuck in iPhone 6
Hair getting stuck in iPhone 6

The litany of troubles for the latest iPhone 6 doesn’t seem to stop. It started with the leaking of the nude photographs of more than 100 celebrities (although it was not directly related to this particular phone, but with the launch nearby, it must have had some sort of impact on it), then there was the bending of the phone (the video went viral), then there was problem with the iOS 8 upgrade (again, not specifically an iPhone 6 problem) and now, some people complain that the latest iPhone is ripping their hair off, actually.

According to a series of tweets listed in this blog post, many people were getting their hair caught in the seams of the phone. Some get their hair caught between the glass and aluminium rim of the corners of the phone. Although this Australian website tries to make fun of what it calls “the ultimate first world problem” but it can be really nagging if your hair keep on getting stuck in your phone and it can be painful sometimes. I don’t remember but I had a similar problem with another phone, I don’t remember which one, but it was not my head hair, but the tiny hair on my earlobe that often got, I don’t know why, stuck in the rim of the phone and it used to be really painful sometimes.

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