iPad and other tablet sales are down but it’s natural

iPads selling less
 iPads selling less

News of Apple’s iPad in particular and tablets in general selling less and less every quarter are appearing all over the Internet and there is nothing alarming in that. Although I slightly disagree with this title Tablets really are the new PCs; nobody needs to buy them any more, because you cannot actually compare tablets to PCs. PCs and laptops have a greater value compared to tablets because tablets are mostly for consuming content and on PCs you don’t just consume content, you also create it, publish it, modify it and disseminate it. I have always been a big fan of PCs and laptops. In fact I’m a great fan of computers than laptops and a few years ago I stopped using laptop for my professional work.

But the article rightly says that there is nothing new iPads and other tablets can offer than what is already there, aside from maybe the speed. Recently it was revealed that companies like Apple purposely throttle the speed of their devices so that people are forced to upgrade but if this factor is not there, there is actually no reason to upgrade to a new iPad unless you desperately need to use apps that cannot be used in your current device.

Tablets, especially iPads are also a fad that must begin to recede sooner or later. At least Android tablets are much more useful. iPads are very constraining and that is why more and more people are switching to Android-based tablets. Another deterring factor is the iPad is very costly for an average user. In India you cannot logically explain to a person that if he can purchase a tablet for Rs. 7000 he should spend Rs. 20,000 for an iPad of the same size. He will laugh at your face even if you give him a long lecture on the quality and finishing of an average Apple product.

On the other hand there is a great market in the third world countries like India where Apple can even sell second-hand iPads and iPhones. Millions of people who have never ever touched a computer are consuming digital content through their phones and they will be quite eager to use tablets to do the same in a much more convenient manner.

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