With iPad Pro selling more than Microsoft Surface, does it mean bigger tablets sell more

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Apple's iPad Pro sold more than Microsoft Surface Pro

Apple’s iPad Pro came into the market in the middle of the last quarter and despite that it sold 2 million units compared to 1.6 million Microsoft Surface units sold for the same quarter. Overall the tablet market fell by 10% year over year and despite that, the sales of iPad Pro experienced an upsurge. Many experts believe that this was due to the size of the tablet that is 12.9 inch diagonally.

iPad Pro is bigger, heavier, a bit less expensive than its previous versions, but also comes with accessories like the Pencil and a keyboard, both costing over $100.

More people buying iPad Pro doesn’t mean less people buying Microsoft Surface with an increase of 29% year over year. So overall the sale of tablets and particularly larger tablets has gone up. The new sales figures have been put up by IDC.

Aside from the size of the tablets another difference is that both the tablets doing well are detachable. They are bigger, they can be attached to a keyboard and turned into a laptop and when there is no need for a laptop, the keyboard can be detached and the whole device can be turned into the usual tablet, though, a bit bigger.

According to Jean Philippe Bouchard, Research Director, Tablets at IDC, “One of the biggest reasons why detachables are growing so fast is because end users are seeing those devices as PC replacements. We believe Apple sold just over 2 million iPad Pros while Microsoft sold around 1.6 million Surface devices, the majority of which were Surface Pro and not the more affordable Surface 3. With these results, it’s clear that price is not the most important feature considered when acquiring a detachable – performance is.”

Despite facing a -24.8% year over year decline, for the Q4 2015, Apple still outsold other tablet vendors. The launch of iPad Pro was quite successful and it pretty much cushioned the steep decline the company was facing for its other products.

Samsung also sold less tablets compared to the previous year by -18.1%. The advantage that Samsung has over Apple is that it isn’t just selling a couple of types of tablets. It has multiple choices for people to buy from.

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